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How twentieth-century warfare helped to speed the development of radio and  electronic communications is of interest and can be seen as having had a more profound impact on this process over the past 100 years than almost any other driving force. How this impact has led to improved systems of communications and a progressive diminution in size and weight of apparatus  is  also described in this book.
In presenting the development of military wireless (or radio), it will be seen that initially Great Britain was a major source of apparatus and inspiration for Australia; only later did America influence military radio used by the Australian army, navy and airforce and this reflects the development of Australia’s international relationships over the last 100 years. Until after the Second World War, Australia remained very much a dominion of the British Empire.  
Since the 1950s, geographical realities and the emergence of bitterly fought wars in Southeast Asia, and Vietnam in particular, have furthered an alliance with the United States  initially forged in the Second World War. More recently is has seen Australian involvement with the United States in the pursuit of change in Afghanistan and the destruction of the terrorist organisation, al-Qaeda.